What is a Business Turnaround Specialist?

A Business Turnaround Specialist is a critical component for any business seeking to navigate through a crisis and get back on the road to profitability. First and fo remost you need a businessperson experienced in managing troubled companies in various stages of distress.

Restoring Credibility

Retaining a Business Turnaround Specialist is the first sign to lenders, suppliers, employees and customers that you are taking postive steps toward both a recovery and rebuilding damaged relationships.

Leadership and Motivation

A Business Turnaround Specialist differs from most other business consultants in that they have managed businesses amidst the chaos and uncertainties of a crisis. They bring their leadership skills, personal integrity, credibility and track record to the table and are decisive in their actions and recommendations. They tell it like it is.

Business Turnaround Services

  • Operations, logistics and efficiency recommendations
  • Organization audit, review or redesign
  • Mentoring, training, development and coaching
  • Referrals to experienced professionals in insurance, legal, and other fields to assist with cost reduction and compliance
  • Thorough review and implementation

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