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Towing and Repossession Service

We as a business grew very fast and we got very overwhelmed. I called Kay and handed her a giant stack of madness and she took it apart and has been taking care of us ever since. If I ever have a question or need any type of help, Kay is there. I haven't written many recommendations, but I feel very strongly about Kay and her service.

Electrical Contractor

Kay you are truly amazing! I wish there were more Golden stars to give you!

As a small business owner I appreciate how you organized & kept perfect records of my business on & off the books! There was a lot of work to be completed & Kay managed to get my Quick-books to the Tee. This was probably on a scale of 1-10 difficulty, 100 would be underestimating the realistic confusion & difficulty of the task at hand!

So I am just a Electrician I have been keeping track of my records by myself for the last 3 years! I created a self know how rats nest. Yes, 1000"s & 1000"s of categorized unlabeled expenses & income. To myself Quick-books was accurate but to anyone else they would truly be baffled!

Kay was an extreme pleasure to work with! Words of advice LET KAY DO WHAT SHE KNOWS HOW TO DO period.

If you want things done correctly her experience is far more superior than most, let her do what she is a expert in, I admit some stuff that was changed got me very upset. I let her do her job held my breath & went with the correct way & what do you know a self explanatory Quick-books that has a story of its own a true story, just what I wanted. After, Kay managed to get my books in order I was relieved & can finally be at ease knowing that the books are 100% right!

Thanks, Kay I really appreciate the Time you took to get everything in place with my Quickbooks. Pros- Cost is Great Perfect legible Books Great Customer Service True Quickbooks Pro Cons- None

General Contractor

I worked with Kay for years while working for a larger corporation. Or better said, she handled all of the corporations bookkeeping for 5 different business venues. When i started my own business she set it up and then quickly taught me the ins and outs. She's patient and makes insurmountable problems seem like molehills. She is my warm blanket in the cold world of business finance.

Property Management

Kay Whitney was referred by my long term CPA. From the beginning Kay has corrected our financial records, broken down our true costs to operate and focused on cutting costs.  She has reduced our monthly operating expenses by over $2,000 a month and cut salaries by $1,600 a month.  This was all done in the span of 7 months.  Our company  has increased the most important bottom line - the money that goes to me each month.

I cannot tell how good it is to have a smart, talented business operations person working with you. The most important part is just listening to her and doing what must be done!  I don't like all the changes that I needed to make, but to survive just listen and do it!

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